Wing Chun vs. Other Martial Arts

What is the difference between Wing Chun and other martial arts?

Wing Chun is not a martial art by traditional standards. There are no rules in Wing Chun and it doesn't participate in point based competitions like other martial arts. Unlike most martial arts, Wing Chun emphasizes maximum threat neutralization and simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers. Wing Chun offers no apologies, takes the fight directly to the aggressor and ends a situation as quickly as possible.

Wing Chun is practiced all over the world (in over 64 countries) by civilians, members of police units, as well as military and special forces. Wing Chun has a much shorter learning curve than other martial arts. Its movements teach you to be faster, more focused and more direct. Wing Chun's principles are based on science, not on what may look attractive or fancy. It teaches you to be efficient by simplifying your movement. Wing Chun teaches simultaneous attack and defense. It trains the body to relax on a deeper level enabling quicker and more coordinated reactions. It teaches the unique ability to "listen" by feeling your opponent's defenses and flowing to an opening.