Martial Arts San Clemente

Martial Arts San Clemente

Located right on PCH just minutes from San Clemente, The Dragon Institute offers over 90 different martial arts for San Clemente locals per month -- each based around the incredibly intelligent art of Wing Chun.

Martial Arts San Clemente for Adults

  • The advanced martial arts knowledge you will learn is second to none! Make no mistake, this is not a sport-based martial art. It can very well save your life!
  • Our martial arts classes relieve stress. 
  • Our hands-on training builds practical, real-world confidence
  • Our martial arts philosophy changes the way you look at things - simplifying and clarifying life's challenges
  • Our program is a lot of fun. We've found that if classes are fun, people learn faster
Martial Arts San Clemente for Kids
  • Our children's martial arts program features a reward system that improves self-esteem
  • Our structured martial arts classes for San Clemente kids teach mental discipline and focus
  • Our children's martial arts program teaches kids respect
  • Our martial arts classes channel children's aggression in a positive format
  • Our kids martial arts classes enhance their children's assertiveness
  • Our curriculum teaches lifetime self-defense skills  

What is Wing Chun?
Wing Chun is a very unique and scientific form of martial arts. The martial art's specialty is in street practical close up hand-to-hand combat, using quick strikes and low kicks with a compact defense. The effectiveness of this martial art system is achieved by well coordinated attacks with simultaneous defense. Due to its success in realistic situations, the martial art is considered by many self-defense experts as their personal choice.

However, a beginning martial arts student of Wing Chun must learn how to give the right amount of energy, while staying as relaxed as possible. A good instructor will teach a student how to overcome an attacker's force with positioning and footwork rather than meeting it head on (force against force). 

Our Martial Arts School?
Our school is located right on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point -- just one exit north of San Clemente off the Beach Cities exit off the 5 (north of Camino de Estrella exit)

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