What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a system of practical martial arts for self-defense. For everyone regardless of size, strength or age, Wing Chun is known as one of the best martial arts because of its efficiency and realistic self-defense.

Because of its no-nonsense, devastating effectiveness, martial artists such as Bruce Lee chose to train Wing Chun.

Notable people who have studied and or used Wing Chun include Bruce Lee, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Tony Ferguson, Robert Downey Jr, Steven Seagal, Christian Bale, Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz.


Why Wing Chun Training?

If you’re wondering how Wing Chun training will benefit you, check this out:

Wing Chun is Powerful! It Gets Results in Real Life Attacks. Unlike most martial arts, Wing Chun is not a sport. It is a no-nonsense close-quarters self-defense art. Never, is it about scoring points for the judges or trying to get a trophy. Wing Chun is a system tested, refined and continuously evolved for centuries.

Wing Chun teaches you to Dominate Bigger & Stronger Attackers. Let’s face it, it’s not the person in our own weight class that we fear, it’s the confrontation with a bigger, stronger aggressor. Wing Chun was designed to turn the tables on people like this. By using leverage, timing and precision, you learn how to be effective regardless of their size and strength.

Wing Chun is based on simple science. You won’t waste your time training hundreds of complicated techniques that never really work. With Wing Chun, you master a few, simple moves. And because of this, you learn how to become more functional, more efficient and to the point. This results in actually becoming faster with a 10th of the effort.

Wing Chun is the best martial arts for simultaneous attack and defense. No joke! Most martial arts can’t block attack and defend at the same time. But this is exactly where Wing Chun really excels. The bottom line? Mastering simultaneous attack and defense gives you the ability to end fights quicker.


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